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At Eagle, we seek individuals who are driven by a passion for excellence and possess a strong sense of integrity and responsibility in everything that they do.

With offices in North America, Asia, and Europe, our business spans the globe and offers interested candidates a variety of career opportunities, including in the following career areas:

The chartering team is responsible for executing the commercial strategy of the business with the goal of optimizing revenue performance.

The Chartering team communicates with brokers, freight traders, and end users throughout the worldwide drybulk freight market in order to procure the best employment opportunities for the fleet.  Our ships are constantly on the move, so understanding the latest updates to global trade patterns is critical to making the best decisions.  Good commercial management is not only about finding one profitable voyage, but also positioning each ship and the fleet as a whole to achieve the best commercial results.

The operations team is responsible for managing our fleet’s operations with the goal of ensuring all voyages are performed safely, efficiently and on time.

Completing a single voyage can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, and cover thousands of miles. Operations coordinates with the charterer, ship’s crew, and port authorities to ensure timely arrival of the ship at the loading and discharge ports and that cargo is handled safely. The team also reviews cargo documentation and invoices for freight, demurrage, and despatch revenues.

The technical team is responsible for fleet technical management with the goal of keeping our ships in optimal working order.

Cargo ships are complex machines and operate around the clock. The technical team works to ensure that our ships remain in compliance with the requirements of flag state and international safety management regulations. In addition, technical is responsible for ensuring our ships are well-supplied with stores, spare parts, and provisions so they will be ready to go wherever cargo needs to be transported. The team is also responsible for crewing and managing vessel repairs. As technology and regulations change over the lifetime of the ship, the team also evaluates potential upgrades to increase the ship’s efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

The finance team is responsible for the accuracy of financial information with the goal of facilitating business and investment decisions, and compliance with reporting and filing requirements.

Effective decisions can only be made with good information. Within finance, the controller function measures and reports on the profitability of the Company’s activities to internal and external audiences; the treasury function manages the Company’s liquidity, funding, and capital. In addition, finance provides critical analysis of the financial results to the chartering, operations, technical, and management teams.

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