About Us

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (NASDAQ: EGLE) is a US-based owner and operator of dry bulk vessels, providing it’s customers with global transportation services for the carriage of bulk commodities including: coal, iron ore, steel, cement, forest products, and grain, among others.

Our fleet currently totals 45 ships and is focused on the mid-size “geared” asset group,  vessels, which are equipped with onboard cranes, allowing for the self-loading and unloading of cargoes. This feature provides for great flexibility and versatility in terms of the cargoes we are able to carry and ports on which we can call. Eagle Bulk’s fleet  currently comprises of 43 Supramaxes, 1 Handymax, and 1 Handysize.


We operate our business out of two global offices New York City (headquarters) and Singapore. Eagle Bulk performs all aspects of vessel management including commercial, operational, technical, and strategic.


Eagle Bulk’s commercial management strategy seeks to optimize revenue through the execution of a well-diversified and risk-adjusted hands-on approach to chartering. Our global chartering team monitors the company’s fleet positions and freight markets on a 24/7 basis from New York City and Singapore.


Eagle Bulk’s technical management strategy is predicated on achieving full alignment between (vessel) owner and manager. This helps to ensure our vessels are well-maintained in a cost efficient manner over the long term. For nearly a decade, Eagle Bulk has been developing our in-house technical management capabilities. We currently manage the majority of our fleet internally.